Mississauga Urges Responsible Disposal of Used Joints to Protect Children and Wildlife

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The City of Mississauga is urging cannabis smokers to properly dispose of used joints to avoid potential harm to children, family pets, and wildlife. A spokesperson from the city emphasized the importance of proactive messaging to address this issue and prevent any potential problems from arising.

While it does not currently appear to be a major concern, the city wants to ensure that residents are aware of the potential risks associated with improperly discarded joints or cigarette butts. Other municipalities have reported cases of pets and wildlife falling ill due to exposure to these items.

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In a social media post, city officials highlighted that used joints can pose a significant risk to young people and pets. Smokers are advised to extinguish the joint completely and dispose of it in the garbage instead of discarding it on the ground.

In the past, Mississauga had maintained a ban on the operation of legal cannabis stores within its borders, making it the largest municipality in Ontario to do so. However, on April 19, the Mississauga City Council voted 8-4 to lift the ban and permit the sale of cannabis through retail shops. The decision came after lengthy discussions and input from businesses and members of the public during council sessions.

The primary concern regarding the operation of cannabis shops revolved around the city’s control over their location and business practices. Some councillors aimed to regulate these businesses to a certain extent. However, the Ontario government maintained that municipalities should not have control over the shops, asserting that such decisions were not within their jurisdiction.


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