Mississauga Woman Charged After Vehicle Caught Speeding at 195 km/hr

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A woman from Mississauga has been charged following an incident where her vehicle was clocked at 195 km/hr on Highway 400 near Finch Avenue in Toronto, according to the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP). The OPP shared this information in a tweet released yesterday (July 11).

The 23-year-old woman is now facing stunt driving charges, along with a 30-day license suspension and a 14-day vehicle impoundment, as stated by the OPP. A photograph shared by the OPP shows a Honda Civic being towed away from the scene.

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The OPP’s Twitter post received over 90 comments, with several individuals highlighting the dangers associated with driving at such high speeds. One person expressed concern about the excessive speeding behavior witnessed on highways, including reckless lane changes and tailgating, attributing them to the high number of accidents. Another commenter mentioned the risk of attaining such speeds in a lightweight car like the Honda Civic, suggesting that the vehicle’s braking capability may not be effective beyond 120 km/hr.

Some individuals also noted the potential consequences for the woman’s future driving endeavors. A person mentioned the likelihood of a significant increase in insurance rates as a result of the charges.

Stunt driving charges can be filed in cases of excessive speeding, engaging in pursuits with other vehicles, frequent lane changes without caution, or driving in a manner that endangers others or fails to demonstrate reasonable consideration for other road users. Such charges can also apply to activities like lifting a car’s tires off the road surface, drifting, or even driving a vehicle with a person inside the trunk.


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