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MZOs Given To Developers Who Were Guests At Premier Ford’s Family Wedding, Alleges NDP

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Ontario New Democrats allege that the province has issued 18 Minister’s Zoning Orders for developer projects to individuals who attended a wedding for Premier Doug Ford’s daughter last summer.

The land-planning tool can be used to fast-track development in a given area and the Progressive Conservative government has been criticized in the past for how often it uses the mechanism also known as an MZO.

Marit Stiles, the Leader of the NDP, suggests that having a close relationship with Premier Ford comes with its advantages. Of the 18 MZOs issued, the NDP claims that nine were granted to one developer.

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Former minister Kaleed Rasheed resigned, as did Ford’s former housing policy director, following revelations of their trip to Las Vegas with the developer and the premier’s former principal secretary.

Housing Minister Paul Calandra has announced that a review of these zoning orders is underway, but he asserts that the province will continue to employ MZOs to expedite housing construction.

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