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NY Sikhs assault case: Teenaged suspect stabbed to death

Teenaged youth who assaulted 2 Sikhs in NY stabbed to death

The New York police have confirmed that a teenaged youth who was responsible for assaulting two Sikhs near Richmond Hill area in New York is dead.

Nineteen-year-old Douglas, who was accused of committing two brutal hate crimes against Sikhs, has been stabbed to death, the police confirmed.

His body with deep stab wounds was found in Brooklyn on Friday. Stabbing was reportedly committed with a weapon comprising a sharp blade. The blade allegedly used in the stabbing was found near the body of the suspect.

The handle of the blade was, however, missing. The police suspect that the handle was taken away by the assailant(s) probably removed by the assailant to destroy any evidence, including  fingerprint impression on the killer weapon.

It may be recalled that Douglas had allegedly manhandled Nirmal Singh who was visiting New York from India. He was attacked while he was  on his way from the Richmond Hill gurdwara. Douglas was charged with breaking his nose as Singh was in the Richmond Hill neighbourhood in Queens.

In another incident, Douglas, accompanied by another person, were accused of assaulting 2 Sikh men. The victims were reportedly robbed, punched and beaten with cane. He, with his accomplice, had also snatched turbans from the heads of their victims.

There was severe criticism of these assault incidents as they happened in the periphery of a Sikh gurdwara. Initial reports suggested that the suspects were using an unoccupied house as their hideout.

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