Official Car Of Canada’s Justice Minister Stolen For The Third Time

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Politicians and law enforcement are struggling with a concerning increase in auto thefts — vehicles assigned to Canadian Government ministers haven’t been spared.

Justice Minister Arif Virani’s government-owned Toyota Highlander XLE was stolen in November and later recovered, according to recent government documents. This marks the third time a federal justice minister’s car has been stolen in three years. Another 2019 Toyota Highlander was also stolen during David Lametti’s time as justice minister in February 2021.

Similar thefts have impacted other federal officials. A 2022 Toyota Highlander assigned to Emergency Preparedness Minister Harjit Sajjan was stolen last February and recovered. While Canada Revenue Agency Commissioner Bob Hamilton’s 2019 Highlander, stolen in 2022, remains missing.

Addressing the Auto Theft Spike

This escalating issue sparked a national summit where federal ministers met with law enforcement, border officials, and industry experts to devise strategies.

“It’s unprecedented,” RCMP Commissioner Mike Duheme emphasized during the meeting. “And the extreme violence that’s associated with that and what we’re seeing, it’s something that was never seen before.”

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau acknowledged the “alarming” rise in thefts and suggested the possibility of harsher penalties against perpetrators.

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“Organized crime is becoming more brazen, and the overseas market for stolen cars is expanding,” he said.

Criminal Code and Organized Crime Response

Though asked about specific tougher penalties, Minister Virani pointed to existing Criminal Code provisions against theft and organized crime. He highlighted the rise of carjacking and international crime rings specializing in exporting stolen vehicles.

“It takes an individual to steal the car but it takes a complete criminal operation to get it out of the country for sales in parts of Africa or the Middle East. When we look at organized criminality, we have to look at those chains and how to disrupt them.”

Regarding his own car theft, Virani’s office opted not to comment.

The federal government estimates approximately 90,000 vehicles are stolen in Canada each year, costing insurance policyholders and taxpayers roughly $1 billion.

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