Ottawa Police Charge Two Individuals with Hate-Motivated Vandalism Incident in Barrhaven

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Ottawa police have pressed charges against two individuals in connection with a vandalism incident that occurred earlier this month in Barrhaven, labeling it as hate-motivated.

A video captured by a front door camera recently went viral, depicting two individuals hurling eggs at their neighbor’s residence while making derogatory racial remarks. The individuals can be heard mocking Asian languages with offensive imitations, with one explicitly expressing disdain, stating, “I f–king hate Asians” due to their perceived appearance and language skills.

The targeted family, of South Korean descent, expressed profound distress to CBC News, highlighting ongoing challenges including noise disturbances and harassment persisting for the past two years, originating from the accused household.

Jaime Quigley, 46, and Mathew Galipeau, 36, both residents of Ottawa, face charges of mischief causing damage to property under $5,000 and criminal harassment involving threatening conduct towards another person. Ottawa police emphasized the hate-related nature of the charges, which could result in more severe penalties upon conviction.

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Responding to the incident, Ottawa police underscored its disturbing nature in a Friday news release and affirmed outreach efforts by its diversity relations unit to support affected communities.

In a conversation with CBC on June 13, Galipeau, identifying himself as Quigley’s ex-husband, asserted his family’s perspective as victims in an ongoing neighborhood dispute. He claimed that as “one of the only white families” in the vicinity, they faced bullying.

Initially agreeing to address CBC’s inquiries and present evidence supporting their stance, Galipeau later canceled the interview, citing legal consultation.

The accused are slated to appear in court on July 24 for further proceedings regarding the charges brought against them.

This incident has sparked community concern and highlighted ongoing efforts to address hate-motivated actions within Ottawa, emphasizing the city’s commitment to fostering a safe and inclusive environment for all residents.


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