Police Seize 11 Pounds of Cannabis in Brampton with Help of License Plate Reader

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Brampton, ON – In a successful operation, law enforcement authorities in Brampton have laid drug charges after confiscating over 11 pounds of cannabis. The breakthrough was made possible through the assistance of an automatic license plate reader, highlighting the increasing use of technology in crime prevention.

On Tuesday, June 12, officers from the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) Highway Safety Division conducted a routine traffic stop in the vicinity of Highway 410 and Queen Street. The decision to pull over the vehicle was prompted by an alert from an automated license plate reader, which detected that the 25-year-old owner was driving under suspension.

During the vehicle stop, police officers discovered a significant quantity of cannabis, meticulously packaged in various forms. The precise details regarding the nature of the packaging were not disclosed by authorities. The driver of the vehicle, whose name remains undisclosed, was promptly arrested and charged with multiple offenses, including possession, trafficking, and driving under suspension.

The OPP Highway Safety Division refrained from releasing additional information about the incident or disclosing the identity of the accused individual at this time.

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This incident serves as a testament to the growing utilization of license plate reading technology and its effectiveness in aiding law enforcement agencies. License plate readers provide valuable intelligence by automatically scanning and identifying vehicles associated with criminal activity or violations. The success of this operation underscores the crucial role that such technology plays in combating illegal drug trade and maintaining public safety.

Moreover, Brampton City Council has been proactive in enhancing surveillance capabilities. They are presently exploring the acquisition of new high-resolution traffic cameras, which may incorporate advanced features such as facial recognition technology. These measures aim to bolster law enforcement efforts, minimize criminal activities, and foster a safer environment for residents.

As technology continues to evolve, the integration of sophisticated tools like license plate readers and facial recognition systems in law enforcement operations is expected to become increasingly common, aiding authorities in their relentless pursuit of crime prevention and public protection.

The OPP Highway Safety Division encourages anyone with information regarding this incident or any other criminal activities to contact them or provide anonymous tips through Crime Stoppers.


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