‘Potential threat to Canadians’: PM Trudeau orders shooting down of unidentified object over Yukon

by The Canadian Parvasi

Team Parvasi – Inside

Under the orders of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, the US, using the fighter jet NORAD, shot down a cylindrical unidentified object spotted in Canada’s Yukon on Saturday, making the incident the third of the month wherein the US Military shot down similar spotted objects.

Just a day ago on Friday, the Pentagon, using a fighter jet, shot down an unidentified object the size of a small car spotted in the US airspace in Alaska near the Canadian Border.

Earlier this month, on February 4, the US military shot down a surveillance balloon, said to be of Chinese origin, spotted over North Carolina.

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The object was first spotted by the North American Aerospace Defence Command over Northern Canada, soon after which PM Trudeau ordered to down the cylindrical object.

It may be pertinent to note that PM Trudeau was scheduled to attend a fund-raising event in Yukon, arrangements for which had been made prior to the spotting of the object, according to media outlets.

“Recovery teams are on the ground, looking to find and analyze the object,” PM Trudeau stated to reporters before departing for the scheduled events on Sunday, adding that investigators are searching for the wreckage of the downed object.

“The safety of Canadians is our number one priority…And that’s why I made the decision to shoot down the object that was a threat to civil aviation and a potential threat to Canadians,” PM Trudeau said at a press conference in Yukon on Sunday.


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