Punjab CM Bhagwant Mann: Khalistan Supporters Getting Funds from Pakistan

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Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann has shared that Khalistan supporters in India are getting funding from Pakistan and other countries. The CM also defended his state and said that there are only a handful of pro-Khalistan supporters in Punjab.

Punjab CM Bhagwant Mann was present in Gujarat where he was addressing a press conference at Bhavnagar city. Following the aggressive protest incident that happened last week where supporters of A\mritpal Singh, a Khalistan sympathizer, broke through barricades demanding the release of one of their associates.

Talking about Khalistan supporters, the CM mentioned that they are getting funded by Pakistan and other neighboring countries. “Though Rajasthan shares a larger border with Pakistan, why do drones (sent from Pakistan) land in Punjab and not in Rajasthan? Because their (Khalistani elements) masters are sitting there (in Pakistan) and they want to disturb Punjab. But we will not let them succeed,” he said.

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When asked about the pro-Khalistan slogans being shouted in Punjab, the CM said, “Do you think 1,000 people (who have been seen shouting pro-Khalistan slogans) represent the entire Punjab? Come to Punjab and see it for yourself who all are shouting such slogans.” He went on to say, “Only a handful of persons are behind this and they run their shops through funding from Pakistan and other foreign countries.”

Mann also spoke about Amritpal Singh’s threat of more violence in the coming days and said that the Punjab police has seen such black days in the past and that it is capable of handling them. The CM stated that the industries are coming to Punjab, NRIs are coming back to the state, and those who were planning to settle abroad have canceled their plans. He believed that after six-seven months, Punjab will shine again. “Punjab will soon become a drug-free zone because we are giving jobs to youth. Moreover, industry will also create more employment opportunities. Once the youth get work, they will not seek refuge in bad habits,” Mann added.

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