Punjabi Man Imprisoned for Attacking Son-in-law with Meat Cleaver in UK

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A Punjabi man has been sentenced to over eight years in a UK prison for attacking his son-in-law with a meat cleaver. While the reason for the attack is unclear, it has been reported that the Punjabi man had reluctantly returned to the UK from an extended trip to India and was angry.

The incident took place in April last year at Cornwall Road in Handsworth where the defendant, Bhajan Singh, lived with his daughter, her husband, and their two children. One day, under the influence of alcohol, Singh swung a meat cleaver at his 30-year-old son-in-law’s neck from the back. The victim raised his left hand to defend himself which caused his hand to bleed. He also damaged his middle finger which required two surgeries.

The son-in-law managed to escape to the neighbor’s house and the police were called, leading to Singh’s arrest.

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While the reason for the attack is unclear, Judge Sarah Buckingham said the defendant’s recent extended trip to India could be behind it. The defendant is said to have returned to the UK “reluctantly” and that he was angry and frustrated. She told Singh that he wanted someone to blame and made the son-in-law his target. The judge added, “I have seen photos of it (meat cleaver) covered in the victim’s blood. The force of the attack was such that the wooden handle broke during the incident.”

According to reports, the defendant and the victim worked at the same factory and never had any issues. Thus, the reason for the attack is unclear. The defendant has been sentenced to eight and a half years in prison in the UK after admitting to hurting the victim with intent.

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