Rapper Tupac’s killer arrested after 27 years

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Rapper Tupac’s killer arrested after 27 years

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Suspect in 1996 murder of rapper Tupac Shakur arrested after 27 years

Suspect Duane “Cafe D” Davis has long been known to investigators as one of four suspects identified early in the investigation.

“Duane Davis is associated with this group of individuals that shot Tupac,” said police Lt. Jason Johansson.

Davis himself has admitted in interviews and throughout his 2019 memoir, Compton Street Legend, that he provided the gun used in the drive-by shooting.

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Officials said Friday that Davis’ own public comments reignited the investigation

Davis, now 60, was arrested Friday while walking near his home on the outskirts of Las Vegas, hours before prosecutors announced in court that a Nevada grand jury had indicted him in one count of murder. The self-described “gangster” was convicted. A deadly weapon. He is scheduled to appear in court next week.

The grand jury also voted to increase the sentence on the murder charge for gang activity, which could add up to 20 additional years if convicted.


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