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Relatives of Indian Family Found Dead in Quebec Shocked to Learn Cause of Death

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A relative of the Indian family who’s bodies were found in a marshy area in Akwesasne, Quebec, said his cousin was “mortally afraid of water” and was shocked to learn of the circumstances of his death. According to reports, the Indian family, along with a Romanian family, was trying to illegally cross into the US through the St Lawrence River.

The incident took place on March 30 when Akwesasne Mohawk police and Canadian Coast Guard found six bodies in St Lawrence River, along with a boat in which they were reportedly traveling. The next day, two more bodies were found taking the death toll to eight. The identities of the two families were later revealed, along with reports that the two families were trying to illegally cross into the US through the St Lawrence River which straddles Quebec, Ontario, and New York state.

The Indian family included Pravinbhai Chaudhari, 49, his wife Dakshaben, 45, their 23-year-old daughter, Vidhi, and their 20-year-old son, Meet. Pravinbhai Chaudhari’s cousin Jasubhai spoke about his relatives and the incident during a phone interview with a media outlet. He reportedly said that his cousin Pravinbhai was “mortally afraid of water” and that his cousin “would never sit in a boat.” Jasubhai added, “I don’t understand. How did he sit in that boat? He was very afraid of the water.”

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Jasubhai shared that his family is in shock over the incident and that he had spoken with his cousin just two or three weeks before the incident. Talking about the reports of Pravinbhai and his family crossing into the US, Jasubhai said that he had no idea about this ordeal. “All he told me was that he was going to visit Canada. We don’t know if that family went in that boat to cross to the U.S. or just for a ride. We have absolutely no idea. He never told us that he was going to America.”

He also spoke about a previous trip that he took with his cousin about five years ago to the temple city of Dwarka in Gujarat. “Praveen refused to get into a boat then, saying ‘I am very scared of the water.’ To think he got into that boat,’” Jasubhai shared.

Akwesasne Mohawk police had been looking for Casey Oakes, 30, who owns the boat that was found alongside the bodies of the migrants. On Thursday, the police shared that they have suspended the search and will resume normal operations till “actionable evidence” is found.

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