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Sikh selling Gas at less price, says ‘Not Here to Make Money’

People don’t have the money right now. My mother and my father did teach us to help if you have something, says Singh.

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A Sikh gas station owner in the US is selling gas to customers at his gas station at a lower price than his cost price and is incurring tremendous monetary loss to himself. It is reported that Jaswiendre Singh, a gas station owner in Phoenix, US, loses about USD500 (CAD650) every month. Singh sells gas at $5.19 a gallon, which is 47 cents less than the price at which he buys it. He sells about 3,785 litres of gas each day.

When asked what made him to do such an act, he responded, “People don’t have the money right now. My mother and my father did teach us to help if you have something,” he said. The losses have forced him and his wife to work overtime. In March, his selling price was 10 cents less than the cost of purchase. He said that it didn’t matter, and that “God gave [him] the help.” He said he wanted to help people- not to make money- and that he was very happy doing so.

At $5 a gallon, the nationwide average of gas prices hit a record high in the US, and under such circumstances, selflessness is not something many can afford. But Singh’s choice to stand apart has led to him being hailed a hero on social media.

Since this story was first reported, social media is abuzz praising the Man for his kind act towards humanity.

One user wrote, “ A truly good person. I don’t live in Arizona but #thankyou  #JaswiendreSingh😇.”

Tweeter User on Jaswiendre Singh
Tweeter User on Jaswiendre Singh
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Another one wrote, “Feeling happy to see this kind of humanity nowadays. 💯

Huge Respect 🙏 #Humanity #JaswiendreSingh.”

“Not all heroes wear capes. If only more people could stand up against the Corporate price gouging like this man and woman running the Phoenix gas station.”, wrote tweeted another user on the social media platform.

Tweeter User on Calling Jaswiendre Singh a Hero
Tweeter User on Calling Jaswiendre Singh a Hero

The gas prices in the US are constantly rising The national average price has jumped 19 cents in just the past week, and it’s up USD 1.93 from this time last year. Global oil prices are rising, compounded by sanctions against Russia, a leading oil producer, because of its war against Ukraine. And there are limits on refining capacity in the United States because some refineries shut down during the pandemic.

California has the highest average price, at USD 6.43, according to AAA. The lowest average is Mississippi, at USD 4.52.

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