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Southwestern Ontario man retains lawyer after Tim Hortons claims $10,000 prize a technical glitch

by The Canadian Parvasi

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37-year-old Jeremy McDougall of Southwestern Ontario’s Tillsonburg was one of an unknown amount of people who won a $10,000 prize in the annual Roll Up To Win campaign by Tim Hortons.

However, Tim Hortons, which announced the winners via their mobile app, claimed after that the five-figure prize was a technical glitch. McDougall now says that he has retained a lawyer after the coffee giant denied his win.

Taking to Twitter to express his frustration, McDougall stated, “@TimHortons how can you tell me I won $10,000 and then back out and say no I didn’t. I went into the store and the manager even told me i won. Congratulated me and everything. Now I’m being told no? I’m getting a lawyer! @AmericanExpress @AM980News @LFPress.”

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“We were pretty over the moon thinking we won $10,000…the tide is turning for us. I thought it was some good fortune but, nope,” the 37-year-old stated to media outlets, adding that his wife had lost her job before Christmas.

According to Tim Hortons, a “small subset” of people were notified of the five-figure prize, adding that the prize was actually meant for just one person. The coffee giant also offered $50 giftcards to the said individuals “to express [their] regret for the disappointment caused by this error.”

The gift card, however, did not satisfy McDougall, who stated that he has hired a lawyer regarding the incident.

Alongside McDougall, many other social media users who also supposedly won the prize took to social media to express their frustration over Tim Hortons taking back its reward claims.




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