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Texas Mother charged with capital murder for killing her ‘evil’ 5-year-old

by The Canadian Parvasi

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A woman in Texas has been charged with capital murder for killing her own child.

The killer, identified as Melissa Towne, admitted to taking the life of her own daughter when presented in front of the court on Monday.

The suspect went on record to state that she deemed her child to be ‘evil’ and that she did not want to “deal with the” child anymore.

Towne reportedly took her daughter to a park where she asked her to kneel in front of her as she held the knife. The daughter resisted screaming and fighting and iterating that she “had been good.” Towne then supposedly went on to strangle her daughter for 30 to 45 minutes and asked the 5-year-old to “stop fighting it.” She then cut her own daughter in the neck with the knife. She then supposedly put a plastic bag over the child’s face when she didn’t die from the cut.

Towne then reportedly took her daughter to a hospital where she asked a nurse for a wheelchair. As the nurse approached her car with a wheelchair to help her daughter, she allegedly saw the child bleeding while seated in a laundry basket with a blanket covering her.

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The hospital, where the daughter was pronounced dead, noticed bruising on the neck, face, and hands of the child.

Towne reportedly showed signs of mental distress and did not have custody of her daughter. She was also allegedly seen ‘arguing with a mailbox’ due to which her neighbor, who owned the mailbox, had called the police on her previously.

It is still uncertain how Towne got hold of her daughter on the day of the incident as the five-year-old’s dad had full custody of her.

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