‘Thank You, PIA’: Another Pakistani Air Hostess Flies To Canada And ‘Goes Missing’

At Least 9 Have 'Vanished' In Last 1 Year

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‘Thank You, PIA’: Another Pakistani Air Hostess Flies To Canada And ‘Goes Missing’

Toronto: Another member of the Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) cabin crew has allegedly disappeared while on duty after landing in Canada. Maryam Raza, who arrived in Toronto on PIA flight PK-782 from Islamabad on Monday, did not report for duty on the return flight, PK-784 to Karachi.

Upon opening her hotel room, authorities discovered her uniform along with a note that said, ‘Thank you, PIA’. Raza, who had been with the national flag carrier for 15 years, was assigned to the flight from Islamabad to Toronto. According to the airline’s spokesperson, this marks the second instance this year of a PIA stewardess disappearing upon arrival in Canada.

Officials attribute this trend to the accommodating nature of Canadian law, which allows for asylum applications after entry into the country. A similar occurrence was reported last month when an air hostess failed to report for the return flight after reaching Canada.

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Last year, at least seven PIA cabin crew members went missing in Canada while on duty. The airline’s spokesperson mentioned that one crew member who had absconded while on duty some years ago has since settled in Canada and offers advice to other crew members considering seeking asylum.

He further stated that PIA management has been collaborating with Canadian authorities to prevent such incidents in the future.

Over the past six years, these incidents have included:

2018: Fareeha Mukhtar went missing after landing in Toronto. She is currently living in Canada. Fareeha is reportedly staying with a former air hostess identified as Mahira, who had also disappeared in Canada two years ago and is currently working at a private hotel.
2019: Shazia Saeed vanished after a layover in Paris by leaving the crew’s hotel.
July 2020: Yasir Ali disappeared after landing in Toronto on flight PK 781 from Islamabad.
January 2021: Zahida Baloch and an unknown male flight attendant disappeared.
January 2022: Waqar Ahmad Jadoon vanished after PK 781 arrived in Toronto.
October 2022: Ejaz Shah disappeared after flight PK 781 landed in Toronto from Islamabad.
July 2023: A PIA steward went “missing” from a hotel after he arrived in Toronto from Lahore. The disappearance of the steward, Muntazir Mehdi, became more clear after he did not report back for the operation on a flight back to Pakistan.
October 14, 2023: Ijiaz Shah touched down in Toronto but never showed up for the flight back to Islamabad days later.
November 2023: Khalid Afridi and Fida Shah disappeared on a flight from Islamabad to Toronto.
December 2023: Ayaz Qureshi disappeared after landing in Toronto from Lahore.
December 2023: Two PIA cabin crew members failed to report for their next duty after arriving in Toronto from Lahore.
January 19, 2024: Faiza Mukhtar disappeared after PIA flight PK 781 landed in Toronto from Islamabad. He was scheduled to return to Pakistan on the following day with flight PK 784; he reportedly “did not board the flight and disappeared.”


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