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Things to Do After Landing in Canada

Canada has gained immense popularity in bringing the international students to the country since mid 20s. Few significant grounds that add to such incrementals are high quality of education, heterogeneous culture, standard of living and job opportunities. This country attracts thousands of students from different corners of the world and provides them a place to achieve success in personal as well as professional lives.

To begin the path of triumph, one needs to take care of few most prominent aspects that immediately starts once you are done with the landing formalities at the airport.

First and foremost agenda is to reach to a new accommodation and have proper rest. One can reach or travel by using the shared ride services like UBER or LYFT if you don’t have any friends or family to receive you from the airport. It is always advised to book temporary accommodation prior to your arrival.

After taking proper rest for a day, one should collect the courage to complete the basic necessities and financial requirements the next day. These include

(1) Getting SIN: Social Insurance Number is the most prominent thing if one thinks to work part
time along with the studying. It is possible to get the SIN at the airport but that depends upon the arrival time. If one doesn’t get a chance to get it over their, then there are 2 options:
 Apply online
 Apply offline by getting the appointment over the call.

(2) Opening Bank Account: Imagining a life in Canada without a bank account is impossible. One must explore different banks as opening an account as student offers various offers as well as services.
Few basic documents required to open a bank account are:
 Passport
 Valid study permit
 SIN or proof of residence


Preparing and Managing the budget is the best habit one can build from Day One of entering Canada. Budget helps to handle all the expenses, save for the tuition fees and secure for the future emergencies.

Once everything is settled, devote your full time to understand and know about your student life.
Canada is much more than just the academic success. Try to meet your classmates, friends, neighbours and professors. Make new connections and social circles. Take at least a week to thoroughly understand your academic timetable and plan your extracurricular activities and part time job depending on it.

First week as an international student can either be overwhelming or tough depending upon different circumstances but act patiently and smartly. Proper research, surfing YouTube and planning will help you to settle easily and make the best of student life and acheive success in the future.



Harmeet Kaur

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