This case is not against Indians: Liberal MP Ruby Sahota

-On India Canada relations, Ruby Sahota talked about maintaining better relations

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This case is not against Indians: Liberal MP Ruby Sahota

Toronto: In an exclusive interview with Parvasi Media Group about the strained relations between India and Canada regarding the murder of Hardeep Nijjar, Canadian MP Ruby Sahota says that this case is not against Indians but is about investigation of a case. We want the safety of Canadians. This is a matter between two governments. There should be harmony between the two countries. There is nothing about any particular religion. Whoever government agents are involved in this, we are talking only about them. The PM is now going to the UN and we have been talking to our partner countries before and will talk to them about this there in the UN also.

Ruby Sahota said Canadian security agencies are investigating and collecting evidence. Our PM Justin Trudeau has also given a new statement today and he has clearly said that we do not want to escalate the controversy, we just want cooperation in the investigation. There are a large number of Sikhs in Canada and want to answer their questions. We are a sovereign country and it is important to get to the bottom of these incidents.

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We know there have been some tensions and complications in this relationship but we want India to cooperate in the investigation. The Indian government can still get involved in this investigation. Ruby said that there was some tension in the G20 also. Our PM already had complete information about this and he had talked to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi about this. G20 was a common platform and we wanted to express this personally also during that time.

On India’s strict stand in the matter of Khalistan and the threats being given to Indian diplomats in Canada, Ruby Sahota says that if a community wants to vote on a matter then it can but we will not promote violence. Coming to Canada and killing a Canadian is a completely different matter.

Timing is important: Sahota

This whole matter is very important and hence timing is important for the PM. The information coming from the investigating agencies was also reaching the media. A lot was coming in the media regarding this matter. We did not want more confusion in this matter, so the PM himself disclosed the entire matter. Instead of the news coming out slowly, it is better that we put everything in front of everyone. The investigation of the matter is going on and whatever happens further will also be put forward.


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