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Threats to 2 Fazilka shopkeepers in the name of gangster Lawrence

In Punjab, 2 shopkeepers of Fazilka have been threatened in the name of gangster Lawrence. The accused even threatened to kill the entire family. Even told the shopkeeper – he should confirm before the police that I am speaking from Lawrence gang only. After that pay the ransom amount. Police have started investigation after its call recording surfaced.
‘Where do you live? Where does it come from? When does it come and go? How many and where are your family members? where do you live? It’s all figured out. Have you said 2 lakhs? You do this, whatever arrangement is there now in emergency, get it done. Get the rest done later. If we do not get it done, then in the middle of the family and you too, we will do something or the other. Those who are not saying, they really will. telling the truth. Don’t be under any misunderstanding. To get any data or records, then go to the police station and give the number and say that I have received a threat call from this number. Need a record of this. Take your peace first. When you are satisfied, give us the money.
Police said that we have received a complaint that they have received threats that we belong to Lawrence gang. Give us some money or else I will kill you. A ransom of Rs 2 lakh each has been demanded from 2 shopkeepers. We are getting the details of the number from which the threat came. Information has been sought from the technical cell. Finding out his location.

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