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Two more dead- Why increase in Crime in Brampton?

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Two persons have died of gun fire in Brampton on early Sunday morning.

According to Peel Regional Police this firing has happened on Gateway Boulevard, near Queen Street East around 2 a.m.

When officers arrived at the secne, they found two men suffering from multiple gunshot wounds.

One was pronounced dead at the scene and the other was taken to hospital but later he was also pronounced dead. There are a large number of officers at the scene.

Police have not released any information about the suspects.

There has been a significant increase in crime rates in Brampton in recent years.

According  to 2018 Annual Report of Peel Police, there has been a significant increase in different types of crime in the peel region.

26 people died of homicide incident in the Peel Region in 2018, which was an increase of 63 per cent as compared to 2017. Similarly, there were 242 incidents of stabbings in the year 2018, which is an increase of 55 per cent comparing with 2017. 53 people became victims of shootings, which were 33 per cent increase compared to 2017.

Peel Police laid 232 charges per day related to Highway Traffic Act violations. There were also 41 motor vehicle fatalities, which was an increase of 43 per cent compared 2017.

Now question arises, why there has been a sudden increase in crime in Brampton?

 According to senior Peel Police officers, family conditions, drugs, peer pressure, unemployment, and the desire for control, revenge, or power are the major reasons of such crimes.

Another major factor could be Brampton’s continously growing population.

During last 10 years it has grown from appx. 490,000 to now almost 800,000.

Comparing 1st Jan to 30 April, 2021 period with same in 2022, regarding various crimes in these three months, we find the following increase: homicides 4 to 9, robberies 163 to 224, break and enters 507 to 758, Sexual violences 329 to 351, auto thefts 1066 to 1876, thefts from vehicles 1144 to 1602 and Mischiefs 883 to 976.

Peel Police are working hard to decrease these crimes by increasing the number of officers during peak times, responding immediately to violent calls and regularly implementing strategies to combat violent/ gang-related crime.

In March 2019, Peel Police had the largest gun seizure in its history. Under Gun Amnesty Program, they seized 129 firearms and 269 pounds of ammunition.

Peel Police need to contniue such efforts and also engage local community neighbourhoods to combat these ever rising crimes.

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