Two Young Quebec Residents Charged in ‘Grandparent Scam’ by Hamilton Police

Two Quebec residents have been arrested in connection to a “grandparent scam” in Hamilton. A 94-year-old man fell victim to this scam but monetary losses were minimized as the victim was unable to withdraw the amount asked by the scammers. The two Quebec residents, identified as Emmanuel Dimotakis (19) and Daniel Gallucci (21), have been charged with fraud totaling over $5,000.

According to Hamilton Police, the 94-year-old man was contacted by someone impersonating an RCMP officer claiming that the victim’s grandson was arrested for drug possession and that he would have to post bail of $120,000 for his grandson’s release. The scammer then put another person on the phone who impersonated the victim’s grandson and desperately asked for the bail money. The victim said he would only be able to pay part of the money as that’s all he had.

The same day, a woman posing as a court courier visited the victim’s house and collected the money. The woman also told the victim that there was a gag order issued by the court and that if he told anyone about the transaction, his grandson would not be released.

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The next day, the 94-year-old man started receiving calls asking for the remainder of the money but to put it in an envelope and leave it at an undisclosed location. This was suspicious enough for the victim to contact Hamilton Police. Now, the two Quebec residents, Emmanuel Dimotakis and Daniel Gallucci, have been arrested and charged with fraud. The damages total over $5,000 and Dimotakis, who allegedly posed as a peace officer, will be facing additional charges.

The female suspect who impersonated the court courier is still on the loose and Hamilton Police are on the hunt. They have asked anyone with information to contact Crime Stoppers anonymously. Additionally, anyone with information about a grandparent scam is encouraged to contact the Financial Crime Unit at 204-986-6231 or Crime Stoppers at 204-786- 8477 (TIPS).

Grandparent scams are on the rise for the past few months. Fraudsters reach out to an elderly person while pretending to be a family member in need. They pretend to be in serious trouble and ask for money. It has also been noted that typically, someone show’s up at the victim’s house to collect the money.

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