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Want Free Home Improvements? You Might Qualify For These Two Programs In Ontario

Ontarians may be eligible to receive free thermostats, insulation, and even a new refrigerator.

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Some eligible residents of Ontario have the opportunity to receive complimentary energy upgrades, a valuable initiative that can help reduce energy expenses, particularly during the colder months.

Enbridge Gas has collaborated with the IESO to introduce two beneficial programs aimed at assisting homeowners in Ontario: the Home Winterproofing Program and the Energy Affordability Program.

Depending on their income, Ontarians may be eligible to receive free thermostats, insulation, and even a new refrigerator. What’s more, those who qualify for one of these programs will automatically become eligible for the other, ensuring comprehensive assistance.

After confirming eligibility, an energy assessor will perform an in-home inspection to determine the specific upgrades required.

Remarkably, more than 200,000 homeowners have already benefited from these free upgrades. Furthermore, it is estimated that an additional 376,500 homeowners are eligible for the Winterproofing program, and nearly 1.7 million qualify for the Energy Affordability Program.

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To apply for these programs, Ontarians need to consider various factors, including the number of residents in their household, their household income, and whether they receive government assistance from programs like Ontario Works, the Ontario Electricity Support Program, and the Ontario Disability Support Program, among others.

Eligibility is determined based on before-tax annual income and the number of household residents, as follows:
– 1 person: $42,437
– 2 people: $60,014
– 3 people: $73,501
– 4 people: $84,872
– 5 people: $94,890
– 6 people: $103,947
– 7 or more people: $112,275

Individuals meeting the eligibility criteria have the potential to receive complimentary appliances, lighting, and various other energy-efficient upgrades.

While these programs are undoubtedly legitimate and beneficial, homeowners should exercise caution when approached by other companies offering free appliances. Some of these companies may use door-to-door or online advertising to entice homeowners into signing long-term, expensive rental contracts for furnaces, air conditioners, and other items. It’s important to be discerning and make informed decisions when considering such offers.

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