Air Canada Passenger Finds Lost Luggage Four Months Later at a Charity

Four months after her luggage didn’t show up in Toronto from Montreal, an Air Canada passenger was reunited with her bag at a charity organization. Nakita Rees from Cambridge, Ontario, used her AirTag tracking system to locate the bag in a storage facility but it took her a few months to be able to retrieve it.

Back in September of last year, Nakita Rees and her husband were returning from their honeymoon in Italy orontoand Greece when one of their suitcases did not arrive in Toronto from Montreal. Thanks to the AirTag placed inside the bag, the owners were able to track it and see it was still in Montreal. After a month, the bag moved to a public storage facility in Etobicoke and stayed there till it was found.

Rees said she contacted Air Canada multiple times to find out why the luggage was sent to Etobicoke in the first place but to no avail. The couple then decided to visit the storage facility and could see that their AirTag tracker was showing the bag very close to them. They contacted the police who told them that the luggage was sent to a charity organization that works under Air Canada after it was left unclaimed.

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The police also shared that there were around 500 bags in the storage unit and could hear AirTags beeping from several of them.

On Monday, Rees husband got a call from Air Canada apologizing for the incident and stating that their bag was found in Toronto. The representative then assured him that the bag would be shipped to Rees on the same day and it reached his workplace in the evening.

Air Canada also stated that it had provided the maximum compensation of approximately $2,300 in October and also apologized for the incident. “In this particular case, the situation was compounded by the disconnection of the baggage tag at some point on the journey. Despite our best efforts, it was not possible for us to identify the bag’s owner, it was designated as unclaimed, and we moved to compensate the customer,” the statement from the airline read.

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