Toronto Man’s ‘Unstealable’ Car Survives Nine Theft Attempts Over Six Months

As car thefts across Ontario increase, a Toronto driver has been able to protect his 2018 Grand Cherokee from thieves at least nine times. The driver who wishes to remain anonymous is confident in his security setup as he uses a combination of equipment to protect his car from different measures that a thief might take.

“I wouldn’t say it’s unstealable, but it’s pretty close. I’m confident it’s not going to get stolen,” said the Toronto man in an interview. He shared that thieves have attempted to steal his 2018 Grand Cherokee at least nine times in the past six months and have been unsuccessfully every time. In one instance, the security measures that the Toronto man installed on his car delayed the thieves till the cops reached the location and arrested one of them.

“Anything you do is better than nothing. If you don’t do anything, you’re going to be the next victim,” the man said. He uses wheel locks and a steering wheel club, along with several security systems on the inside which the driver chose not to disclose. He said this delays the thieves and frustrates them as their typical tricks don’t work.

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There is also a system in the car that notified the driver if something is wrong with the vehicle.

Car thefts have been on the rise in Ontario and police has warned drivers of some of the techniques used by thieves. Usually, they copy the signal that the car’s key fob emits or somehow make the car think that a dummy fob is actually the driver’s own fob. The Toronto driver stated that the built-in security systems in cars can’t do much and owners need to do more to protect their vehicles.

Mechanic Ron Yossef of Toronto’s Car Systems International told CTV News that he is selling a security system called IGLA that can turn the car’s steering buttons into a password that would be required to start the car. He added that it cannot be cloned or copied and is discretely hidden in the car. It can also allow the owner to immobilize the car if it has been started remotely.

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