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Lord Indarjit Singh to Represent Sikh Community at King Charles III’s Coronation

The coronation of King Charles III is scheduled for May 6 in the Westminister Abbey near the House of Commons in London. Lord


Singh will represent the Sikh community, alongside the other representatives of different communities. Former Member of Parliament Tarlochan Singh shared that Lord Indarjit also represented the Sikh community at Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral.

King Charles III is serving as the Head of the Church of England and all the ceremonies are conducted by the Archbishop but it has been reported that he wants to be a defender of all faiths while serving as head of the Christian faith in the UK. At his coronation on May 6, for the first time, peers from different faiths will be part of the procession during the coronation ceremony, making this a major break from the centuries-old tradition in the UK.

Lord Indarjit Singh, who represented the Sikh community at Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral will also represent the community at the coronation. He will be joined by Lord Patel representing the Hindu community, Lord Kamall representing the Muslim community, and Baronees Merron representing the Jewish community.

Lord Indarjit Singh is 90 years old and participated in the wedding of the son of the then-Prince of Wales Charles.

Former Member of Parliament Tarlochan Singh spoke about King Charles earlier this month and said, “I may remind all my friends that as Prince of Wales the present King Charles went to Golden Temple Amritsar during his first visit to India and had darshan of Bangla Sahib New Delhi during his second visit. In 1997 Queen Elizabeth came to Golden Temple Amritsar.”

The UK Royal Family shared details of the procession and said they will depart Buckingham Palace and proceed down The Mall, passing through Admiralty Arch and Trafalgar Square, down Whitehall, and along Parliament Street to Westminster Abbey.

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