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RCMP calls off search operation for object downed over Lake Huron, search in Yukon still on

by The Canadian Parvasi

After several days of probing, the search operation for the remains and debris of the object downed over Lake Huron between Ontario and Michigan was called off due to a “low probability of recovery” and “deteriorating weather” among other factors taken into consideration, the RCMP announced in a news release Thursday.

“After conducting an extensive search in the Lake Huron area with the assistance of the Canadian Coast Guard and other domestic and international partners, a decision was reached to suspend the search due to several factors including deteriorating weather and the low probability of recovery,” the news release read.

Search for the downed object was initiated back on Sunday when the object was shot down over the chilly lake by the Pentagon’s fighter jets.

The RCMP, in the news release, clarified however that search operations for the object downed over Yukon are still ongoing in collaboration with the Canadian Armed Forces.

On Saturday, The Pentagon, on the orders of PM Justin Trudeau, used the fighter jet NORAD to shoot down a cylindrical unidentified object spotted in Yukon.

“Search and recovery efforts continue in Yukon with the assistance of the Canadian Armed Forces. The conditions are extremely challenging with a very large search area, spanning 3,000 square kilometers, and consisting of rugged and mountainous terrain with a high level of snowpack and harsh winter conditions. We commend our members and partners for their professionalism and dedication…This investigation is in its very early stages and will take time. We will share additional information when it becomes available as the recovery efforts and investigation unfold,” the news release read further.

On Friday, the Pentagon, using a fighter jet, shot down an unidentified object the size of a small car spotted in the US airspace in Alaska near the Canadian Border.

Earlier this month, the US military shot down a surveillance balloon, said to be of Chinese origin, spotted over North Carolina.

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