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Halifax Wildfire Forces Around 14,000 People Out of Their Homes

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A wildfire in Halifax continues to burn out of control and an estimated 14,000 people have been told to flee their homes. The fire broke out Sunday afternoon in Tantallon, a 30-minute drive northwest of downtown Halifax. Even though the fire may turn back the way it came, there still could be significant fire.

David Meldrum, the Halifax deputy fire Chief, said, “This is a big fire. But we don’t know the size of this fire yet.” He confirmed that there have been no reports of injuries but added that an estimated 14,000 people have been told to flee their homes. The fire broke out on Sunday afternoon in Tantallon and because of the wind and dry weather conditions, it spread out of control.

According to Meldrum, the shift in wind direction has caused the fire to blow back on itself and potentially set new fires in large subdivisions on the outskirts of the city. Talking about the drone footage that was examined, Meldrum said, “They’re telling us that there still could be significant fire, even though the fire may turn around and go back the way it came. There’s a lot of unburned fuel still in the area … that could reignite.”

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It could take the rest of the week to subdue the fire, given that there is no rain expected this week. “Residents must be prepared to remain out of their homes for several days at least,” he added.

To control the fire, two helicopters from the Department of Natural Resources and two water bombers from Newfoundland and Labrador will work together today. There are already about 100 firefighters trying to bring the fire under control.

Talking about the damage, Meldrum said, “This is normal with a wildland-based fire. Homes on a street that are perfectly fine can be close to others that are damaged or destroyed.”

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