Students Upset as Tomken Road Middle School Falsely Labeled Unsafe and Violent in Anonymous Letter

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Students at Tomken Road Middle School in Mississauga are expressing their dismay after an anonymous letter, purportedly written by a teacher, circulated on social media, labeling the school as unsafe and violent. The letter, posted on Twitter on May 20, described a “state of crisis” at the school, citing incidents of students smearing feces on bathroom walls, engaging in physical aggression towards fellow students and staff, and pervasive bullying.

In response to the circulating letter, the Peel District School Board issued a statement announcing their investigation into the claims. However, in a subsequent statement released on May 26, the board clarified that the allegations made in the letter were exaggerated and did not accurately reflect the school’s vibrant community or the commendable work being carried out at Tomken Road Middle School. The board revealed that they had received feedback from students who were upset to witness their school being portrayed negatively online.

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While the anonymous letter claimed that no suspensions had been implemented, the board refuted this by stating that suspensions have indeed been utilized when necessary. The board emphasized that they have been actively collaborating with students, staff, and families at Tomken Road Middle School to address and resolve any issues. Various departments, including the Superintendent, Safe and Caring Schools, Equity, and Special Education, have been involved in this collaborative effort. The Superintendent has also maintained regular communication with the Tomken Road community over the past year and has increased his presence within the school following the emergence of the anonymous letter.

Since the reopening of classrooms after COVID-19 lockdowns, the Peel District School Board, alongside other school boards nationwide, has prioritized the establishment of supportive learning environments that foster student well-being and growth. The board expressed their belief in the positive outcomes resulting from their restorative approach to addressing unsafe behaviors. They also assured that they take all safety concerns seriously and are committed to developing inclusive, safe, and supportive learning and working environments across all schools within the Peel District School Board.

To facilitate the reporting of concerns, the board highlighted their official processes. Students and their families can anonymously utilize the SPEAK UP reporting tool. Additionally, families have access to mental health professionals through the Be Well Support Line/Form and social workers available at the schools. The board encourages open communication and collaboration to ensure a healthy and positive school culture, where both students and staff take pride in their school communities.


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