Toronto Pearson Airport Prepares for Emergency Exercise: Residents Advised of Unusual Activity

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Toronto Pearson International Airport has issued a notice to residents, informing them about an upcoming event that may involve some “unusual activity” around the airport. However, authorities emphasize that there is no need for concern. As part of their annual preparedness initiatives, Toronto Pearson will be conducting a full-scale emergency exercise to test the airport’s response to various situations.

Scheduled to take place on Saturday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., this year’s simulation will simulate a plane crash scenario. Approximately 400 airport staff and volunteers will actively participate, assuming roles as crew members and passengers of the simulated crashed aircraft. First responders from Peel Region and Toronto will also be present at the event to contribute to the exercise.

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Airport officials have assured the public that since this is only a practice exercise, there is no reason for alarm. However, they acknowledge that there might be some traffic disruptions in the vicinity of Derry and Airport roads during the specified time.

In the previous year’s exercise, approximately 300 volunteers took part in a mock protest staged outside the airport. These exercises are vital for assessing and enhancing the airport’s emergency response capabilities, ensuring the safety and security of passengers and personnel.

Overall, Toronto Pearson International Airport urges residents to remain calm and reassures them that any unusual activity observed during the exercise is part of the planned simulation and not indicative of an actual emergency situation.


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