PRP Investigate Deadly Carjacking Says Victim was Lured by Suspects through Online Food Order

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Peel Regional Police’s Homicide Bureau is actively investigating a horrifying event earlier this month in Mississauga that resulted in the death of Gurvinder Nath, a 24-year-old foreign student. According to Insp. Phil King’s police report, Nath, a food delivery driver, was enticed to a specific site on Emerson Lane near Britannia and Creditview roads at roughly 2:10 a.m. on July 9 for a pizza delivery.

Authorities think that numerous criminals were engaged in the assault plot, methodically arranging a meal order to entice the unsuspecting victim.

Gurvinder Nath was viciously beaten and robbed of his vehicle after arriving 

at the area, leaving him in serious condition. Several witnesses rushed to his aid and shouted for assistance, and he 

was taken to trauma center. Nath tragically died as result of his injuries on July 14. Investigators discovered an audio recording of Pizza Pizza order placed 

prior to the incident, which has offered crucial clues in the investigation. Although the inquiry is still in its early stages, authorities believe Gurvinder Nath 

was an innocent victim with no known ties to the perpetrators.

Nath’s abandoned car was eventually recovered near the intersection of Old Creditview and Old Derry roads, around five kilometres from the crime site. It was forensically analysed, which resulted in the recovery of various pieces of evidence.

While it is unclear whether a weapon was used in the assault, police are not ruling it out. A white 2012 to 2017 Hyundai Accent Sedan with an aftermarket flashing blue light on the windscreen has been recognised as a suspect car by police. Before the heist, this car was spotted many times in the neighbourhood, with a male suspect dressed in black clothes departing the vehicle and approaching the location of the attack.

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The police have issued harsh warning to everyone engaged in the crime, 

emphasising that they will be held accountable for their acts regardless of their

level of involvement. Gurvinder Nath was hailed by his relatives and friends as an honest 

and industrious man. He arrived in Canada in July 2021 as an international student pursuing business

degree. He is originally from India. The incident occurred during his summer vacation, shortly before 

he was scheduled to return for his last semester. candlelight vigil in Mississauga is planned to honour Nath’s memory, and 

GoFundMe campaign has been launched to gather cash for returning his 

remains to India and covering burial expenses. Authorities are urging anybody with knowledge about the event or the suspects 

to come forward.


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