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CBI Raids 7 Cities, Disrupts Trafficking Network Sending Indians to Russia

About two dozen Indians were tricked with an offer of getting a high paid job but forced into fighting the war.

Recently, it was discovered that a man from Hyderabad was forced to join Russia’s war against Ukraine was killed, the CBI busted a ring in trafficking Indians to the country. Around two dozen Indians were forced into fighting the war as they were first being tricked to go to the country in terms of getting employed in high paying jobs. 

This further encouraged the CBI to conduct the raid in other cities too. Therefore, the major cities where the raid has been conducted are Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Thiruvananthapuram, Ambala, Chandigarh and Madurai, and some suspects have been detained for questioning. 

It has been further reported that the number of Indians sent to Russia and Ukraine are 35 and they were sent by some random firms. “It is not clear whether all of them have been forced to take part in the war,” said an official.

The CBI’s official also discloses a name of a  Dubai-based Faisal Khan alias Baba, who runs the YouTube channel Baba Vlogs. Khan’s contribution to the raid included the families whose sons were deceived into forced labor in Russia’s war effort under false job promises.

Other than Baba Vlogs Overseas Recruitment Solutions Pvt Ltd, the directors of the three other companies from Delhi, Mumbai and Chandigarh have also been accused of contributing in the case. But it is yet to be discovered if the company’s are individually operated or under the Khan’s firm. 

Authorities reported the seizure of damning documents, electronic equipment including desktops, laptops, and phones, along with ₹ 50 lakh in cash during the raids.

Navneet Kaur
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