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11 Women Struggled to Pool $4 for Lottery Ticket, Then They Won $160000

Some of them had to borrow money from acquaintances to participate.

Weeks ago, 11 women from the green army under the Parappanangadi Municipality in Kerala, India, known as Haritha Karma Sena, decided to take a chance and pool their money to buy a lottery ticket worth ₹250. Some of them had to borrow money from acquaintances to participate. Little did they know that this seemingly ordinary decision would transform their lives dramatically.

In an unexpected twist of fate, these women were declared the lucky winners of the monsoon bumper, bagging a staggering ₹10 crore, after the Kerala lottery Department held a draw on Wednesday. The news left them ecstatic and overjoyed, as it was the first time they had won such a mega prize.

Radha, one of the winners, expressed her delight at the victory, sharing how they had bought lottery tickets together in the past, but this was the first time they hit the jackpot. The group had anxiously awaited the draw, initially disheartened after hearing that a ticket from a neighbouring region had claimed the top prize. However, their sadness turned to pure elation when they realized they were the fortunate ones.

For these hardworking women, who are members of Haritha Karma Sena, the winnings come as a tremendous relief. Struggling to make ends meet, their humble salaries were the sole income for their families. The money will offer some respite and help them address their financial difficulties, be it paying off debts, funding their daughters’ weddings, or covering medical expenses for their loved ones.

The chairman of the Haritha Karma Sena consortium at the Municipality, Sheeja, emphasized that luck had favoured the most deserving individuals this time. Each winner had been leading a challenging life, residing in modest households and facing the harsh realities of life. This unexpected windfall comes as a much-needed boon.

Upon hearing the news, numerous well-wishers gathered at the municipality godown premises to meet and congratulate the fortunate lottery winners. The women’s incredible stroke of luck has captured the hearts of many, and their inspiring story has brought hope to those facing their own struggles.

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