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Indian Students Banned or Restricted from 5 Australian Universities

Indian student applicants have been banned or restricted by at least five Australian universities, according to a new report. The restrictions have been put in place due to the surge in fraudulent applications from the region. The universities are reportedly concerned that Home Affairs will not allow the student visas to be fast-tracked.

According to the latest report, at least five Australian universities including Victoria University, Edith Cowan University, University of Wollongong, Torrens University, and Southern Cross University have put restrictions or bans on Indian applicants form specific states.

Australia is looking to welcome over 75,000 Indian students which would be the highest ever but this surge is what has caused lawmakers and the education sector to excise caution. Jon Chew from global education firm Navitas said, “The volume of students arriving has come back a lot stronger than anyone was expecting. We knew there would be a lot of pent-up demand, but there has also been a surge in non-genuine students.”

According to the report, the universities stated many applications did not meet Australian visa requirements of being “genuine temporary entrant” coming solely for education. Universities are afraid of their “risk rating” being downgraded which is why they are putting restrictions in place pre-emptively.

In February, Perth’s Edith Cowan University placed an outright ban on applicants from Punjab and Haryana. In March, Victoria University increased restrictions for students from eight Indian states including Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Gujarat. Similarly, the University of Wollongong also tightened its conditions on “genuine temporary entrant” test for students from India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Lebanon, Mongolia, Nigeria, and other countries.

Notably, just days ago, Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese visited India where he celebrated Australia’s education links with the country and announced a new agreement with Australia’s universities and colleges that was said to be the most comprehensive and ambitious arrangement ever agreed upon by India.

The investigation into the five universities was carried out by The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald who also published the report.

Vineet Washington
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