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Daily Covid Cases in India Highest in 210 Days, Death Toll on the Rise

Covid-19 infections in India have been on the rise and according to latest reports, 1,890 new cases were reported on Saturday last weekend which was the highest in 210 days. The number of covid related deaths has also increased significantly compared to the previous week.

The Covid case count for India on Saturday showed a 78 percent increase in new cases compared to the previous week. There were 1,890 new cases reported which is the highest since October 22, last year, when 1,988 new cases were reported. The cases seem to be doubling in around eight days.

Covid related deaths have also been on the rise as there were 29 deaths in the previous week, compared to 19 in the week before.

Maharashtra had the highest number of cases for the second time in a row. It saw 1,956 fresh infections, up 68 percent from 1,165 in the previous period. Among other stats that reported the highest Covid cases were Haryana, Delhi, UP, Gujarat, Himachal, and Goa.

Vineet Washington