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Survey calls Brampton the third rudest city in Canada, places nearby Vaughan at number one

Survey involved 1,500 Canadian residents across 44 cities

A survey conducted by Preply, a US-based e-learning platform, has placed Ontario’s Brampton on the third spot for the rudest city in Canada, while nearby Vaughan tops the list to be titled the rudest city in the country.

In a survey involving 1,500 Canadian residents across 44 cities, Preply aimed to understand if the international stereotype of ‘polite Canadians’ is true – and if so, which cities have the rudest and the politest residents. The survey found that the three rudest cities in Canada are Vaughan, Ontario; Coquitlam, British Columbia and Brampton, Ontario.

Via Preply

According to the survey, people feel that being completely absorbed in one’s phone is a particularly rude sign, followed by being noisy in public and not letting people merge in traffic. People also mentioned not slowing down when driving near pedestrians and not cleaning up after one’s dogs as insolent resident practices.

Preply also focused the interview specifically on the Greater Toronto Area, finding that within the GTA, the levels of politeness varied greatly. On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the rudest, Vaughan was giving a rating of 8.05, followed by Brampton at 7.05. Toronto, that listed third on the rudest cities in the GTA, scored just above the national average of 5.41, at 5.91.

Via Preply

However, overall, people agreed that average Canadians are politer than people elsewhere. To make up for Vaughan and Brampton’s unwelcomed titles, the province’s city of Markham was titled the politest city in Canada. This was followed by Quebec’s Saguenay and Nova Scotia’s Cape Breton.

Rahat Sandhu

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