Ethics Committee votes to investigate conflict of interest violation by Minister Mary Ng

by The Canadian Parvasi

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A House of Commons Ethics Committee on Tuesday voted to probe the conflict-of-interest violation ruling against International Trade Minister Mary Ng. Following a request by four of its members, the ethics committee will hold a special meeting regarding the issue.

The motion for the probe, which passed by a census, was raised by Conservative ethics critic Michael Barrett, who stated that Canadians deserved to know in full what transpired.

Back in December of 2022, Canada’s conflict of interest and ethics commissioner, Mario Dion, ruled that the Trade Minister had put herself in a conflict of interest by awarding contracts of her office to her friend’s company.

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“There is simply no excuse for contracting with a friend’s company. This includes the need to quickly obtain media training services to help Minister Ng respond to the COVID-19 pandemic in April 2020…Ministers are expected to uphold the highest standards of accountability, including those set out in the Conflict of Interest Act. Complying with the Act is a condition of appointment and employment for all public office holders,” Dion asserted in his statement back in December.

After the ruling, Minister Ng stated that she took “full responsibility” for what happened.

“At no time was there any intention for anyone to benefit inappropriately…My efforts fell short of my own high personal standard for transparency and accountability, which Canadians have a right to expect from their elected officials. I am sorry, and it won’t happen again,” the Trade Minister stated in the House of Commons in 2022.


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